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Filtration For Better Water Quality

Groundwater throughout populated areas in the world can be severely polluted.
water quality is an important concern in all households, expatriate and Indonesian.
It has been stated that up to 80% of groundwater in populated areas is polluted with pathogenic, disease causing bacteria, such as e-coli.
As there is no municipal sewage system in most of Bali, most household waste is sent to a septic tank located somewhere under your garden.
In many neighbourhoods the septic tank is simply a hole in the ground with layers of coral rock and ijuk fiber at the bottom to filter the water.
Poorly constructed or old septic tanks or septic holes could leak raw sewage which eventually leaches down into the groundwater supply.
As a result, dangerous Coliform bacteria are commonly found in groundwater

Household Wells
Most homes in Bali have individual wells that supply water for household needs.
These wells are referred to as deep wells, however, they are actually shallow wells of around 10/25 meter on average.

Some homes in Bali have connections to PAM, the city water authority.
Due to a poorly maintained distribution system PAM water, the water may be badly polluted by the time it reaches your home due to breakage in the main water lines and the poor quality of repairs done on these problems.
PAM water is not potable and should be boiled before drinking or using in cooking.
Be aware that water needs to be boiled for 20 minutes in order to kill all germs and disease-causing pathogens that may be present.

When looking at your water quality, it is best to check the water pressure, odor and sediment.
It is necessary to have the water tested by a reputable laboratory.
This is an inexpensive process and gives an advanced warning on any water issues that may need to be addressed.
Results are available within 5 days after a water sample has been submitted to the lab.
If you are considering a water filter system, the type of system you are installing should take into account the results of the water testing to make sure the filter is solving the type of problems that are evident in the water.


Some of the more common water contaminations you are likely to face are:
Iron in your water supply which will cause reddish brown stains on your bathroom fittings and will cause rust-colored spots on laundry as well as turning white clothing to a yellow color.
Manganese will cause black staining on bathroom fittings and will cause black spots on laundry as well as turning white clothing to a gray color.
Hydrogen Sulfide will cause your water to have a rotten egg odor. This is usually particularly evident from the hot water faucet.
virusses and bacteria which normally go undetected and can cause severe health problems.



At BioControlBali, we offer a wide range of filtration systems, which include:

  • Fully automatic filtration units.
  • UV systems
  • Reverse osmosis systems.
  • Desalination units.

We are able to deliver clean drinking water from any watersource and in quantities you need.
No system is too large or too small for us.

We install systems For household use  for only the kitchen sink to complete desalination systems for hotels, boats etc.

Give us a call today and let us show you what we can do for you.