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Mosquitoes are a part and parcel of everyday life here in Bali.
They are an annoyance, but not something that can’t be dealt with.

In the past the usual method was the well known chemical smoke fogging.

This will kill the mosquitoes and does a quick job of making your premises smell like a diesel plant.
As soon as the wind blows the smoke away the effect is gone, and you are going to have the same problem again within 12 to 24 hours.

Our organic treatment is a repellent which ensures that the mosquitoes stay away.
The system we use is a so called water mister.

Example: If your total property is 9 are, we will deduct the house/villa, swimming pool, garage, etc.

In this way we only charge you for the actual area treated.

So if you think that you will need more than 3 are treated give us a call today, we would be happy to visit first to survey your premises to be able to give you an acurate quotation.